Premium Environmental Consulting, LLC. is an environmental assessment and remediation company based out of Pompano Beach, Florida. PEC was founded with the goal of providing high quality, premium, environmental services from a company that is honest, ethical, and trustworthy.

PEC is a reliable, responsible company that can be trusted to follow all Federal, State, and Local regulations and applicable guidance documents which govern the services that we supply. Our scopes of work are developed to follow regulations while providing a streamlined, cost effective, approach. We believe that the proper execution of the work the first time will ultimately result in time and cost savings to the client.

Our goal is to always close the project quickly to minimize project costs. Please review the services that we provide and give us a chance to prove that PEC is the “Home of Trust, Integrity, and Premium Services.”

About The Owner
John C. Baeringer, P.G.

Years of Experience:  30+
Office Location:  Pompano Beach


Experience Highlights:
  • Senior Program Manager for several Petroleum Jobbers
  • Expert in Environmental Regulations and Regulatory Liaison
  • Experienced off-site access coordinator

Bachelor of Science, Geology, East Carolina University

Registrations and Certifications:
  • Florida Licensed Professional Geologist (P.G. No. 1208)
  • Florida Licensed Water Well Contractor (No. 11184)
  • Georgia Licensed Professional Geologist (No. 1342)
  • OSHA 40-Hour Hazardous Materials Health and Safety Certification and 8-Hour Refresher yearly
  • Loss Prevention System Training Certification and 8-hour Refresher yearly
  • Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)

Mr. Baeringer, based out of Pompano Beach, Florida, is a licensed Professional Geologist and has over 30 years of environmental consulting experience including emergency response, petroleum and non-petroleum contamination assessments, underground storage tank removals, construction oversight, source removal, waste handling and disposal, and regulatory coordination.  Mr. Baeringer has strong communication skills that have been particularly useful in obtaining off-site access and coordinating off-site work.  He has proven organizational and project management skills, which have resulted in the timely completion of transportation projects.  Mr. Baeringer is familiar with FDEP regulations and has vast experience with contamination assessment and property evaluation studies.  Mr. Baeringer is also available for expert witness testimony for litigation cases.

Relevant Experience

Program Management – Mr. Baeringer has performed program management for Dion Oil Company, Twin Oil Company, Victory Petroleum, and Floval Oil Company.  His duties encompassed many phases of petroleum impacted site portfolio management including regulatory liaison, regulation applicability, technical review, proposal preparation, project tracking, insurance claim coordination and communication, and off-site access.

Tenant Audits – Mr. Baeringer performed single facility environmental regulatory compliance audits for seven tenants of the Miami-Dade Aviation Department (MDAD). The audits were completed by HCR under the Miami-Dade County Equitable Distribution Program (EDP), Resolution R-631-01. The objective of these audits was to identify the compliance status of the subject facilities with respect to selected regulatory requirements set forth in applicable federal, state, and county environmental regulations, to recommend suggested corrective actions for any identified deficiencies, and to assign a priority score to each observed point of non-compliance in accordance with the potential risks and liabilities posed by the compliance deficiency.

Contamination AssessmentMr. Baeringer was involved in the performance of a Limited Contamination Assessment Report (LCAR) for MDAD as a requirement to participate in the Petroleum Cleanup Participation Program (PCPP). The site was located on the eastern side of Concourse H at the Miami International Airport in the City of Miami, Miami-Dade County, Florida. Mr. Baeringer performed oversight of soil borings and obtained historical information required by DERM.  In addition, Mr. Baeringer coordinated the badging of HCR employees and obtained airside access decals for a fleet of HCR trucks.

Expert Witness Testimony Mr. Baeringer performed expert witness testimony on behalf of Dryclean-USA for a chlorinated solvent site located in a shopping center in Kendale Lakes, Florida.  The testimony allowed for favorable settlement of a lawsuit with the shopping center developer, which resulted in significant cost savings.

Corridor Study / Property Evaluation Mr. Baeringer performed 15 limited Phase I / Phase II assessments for Dion Oil Company for sites located in Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties.  Site inspections and rapid assessment techniques (Geoprobe with grab samples) allowed Dion Oil to evaluate contamination issues prior to a real estate transaction deadline.

Underground Storage Tank Removal Mr. Baeringer participated in the removal of underground storage tanks (USTs) at 5 National Guard Amory sites in the panhandle of Florida.  The team performed the excavation, vapor purging, removal, cutting, cleaning, and disposal of the USTs.  Tank closure assessments were also performed to characterize the soil and groundwater quality conditions. The expedited removal of the tanks reduced construction delays.

Source Removal Mr. Baeringer led a team that excavated petroleum impacted soil next to State Road 9 (I-95) near Jupiter.  The work included obtaining a General Use permit from FDOT, setting up a proper Maintenance of Traffic (MOT), and performing the Source Removal.  By aggressively removing the impacted soil in advance of the arrival of the construction crews in this area FDOT was able to avoid construction delay claims.

Waste Disposal / Handling – Mr. Baeringer profiled a stockpile of soil generated during a tank removal at a gas station site along U.S. Highway 1 in Key West, Florida.  Laboratory analysis of composite soil samples were below State soil cleanup target levels, allowing the property owner to dispose of the soil to a local concrete company, resulting in a cost savings of thousands of dollars.

John Baeringer Badge
DBPR License
Water Well Contractor License