Phase I Environmental Site Assessment – Shopping Center in Daytona Beach, Florida – PEC performed a Phase I ESA within the scope and limitations of ASTM E1527-13 on an approximately 5-acre parcel occupied by a one-story strip center, fast food restaurant, and a Pep Boys retail sales and auto center.  The timely and thorough report facilitated the real estate transaction.

Spill Bucket Replacement Assessment Report – Active Gas Station in Miami, Florida – PEC performed closure assessment activities for a spill bucket replacement according to the requirements of Chapter 62-761, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.).  The proper adherence to the required testing scope and methodology allowed the report to be approved without comments and concluded the work associated with the spill bucket replacement.

Asbestos Survey and Abatement – Shopping Center in North Palm Beach, Florida – PEC performed an asbestos survey of a shopping plaza and identified approximately 340 square feet of non-friable asbestos containing material (ACM) in black mirror mastic.  PEC then performed an abatement of the ACM on a timely basis and in accordance with all local, state, and federal regulations, allowing for the demolition of the plaza building prior to re-development of the property.

Low Scored-Site Assessment – Active Gas Station in Summerland Key, Florida – PEC completed LSSI assessment activities for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) under the LSSI Program in accordance with the applicable portions set forth in Chapter 2010-278, Laws of Florida, Section 376.3071(11), Florida Statutes (FS), consistent with the guidance documents for the FDEP LSSI program.  The contaminants of concern at this active gas station included gasoline and diesel fuel.  PEC was able to obtain a Site Rehabilitation Completion Order (SRCO) for the property owner thereby increasing property value, eliminating third party liability, and facilitating future sale or re-financing of the property.