Remedial Design / Remedial Action Plans (RAP)

In cases where the assessment activities and the client’s project requirements dictate remediation of an area impacted with contamination, such as in advance of planned construction activities, PEC will prepare a RAP proposing a plan to remediate the impacted soils or groundwater to levels determined by applicable regulations. PEC’s ongoing and consistent communications with the client provide our geologists, engineers, and environmental construction specialists with the required and detailed information vital to the development of the most efficient and cost effective remedial approaches to ensure cleanup goals are met with minimal impact to the client’s projects and schedule.

Our experience with management and design extends to the environmental cleanup of bulk fuel facilities, retail stations, industrial and commercial properties impacted by petroleum constituents, chlorinated solvents and metals. Remediation techniques utilized by PEC include air sparging / soil vapor extraction, pump and treat recirculation systems, bioremediation, and chemical or oxygen injection.

Remedial design / remedial action plans